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To be enablers of Innovative, cost effective, robust technology solutions in the span of finance, energy conservation, healthcare and education.


To fulfill the Millennium Development Goals by initiating multi-national technology projects aimed -
  • To promote transformational initiatives focused at holistic social development, by providing consulting services in technology set-up and implementing global best business practices.
  • To promote low cost technology innovations, implementable in Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)
  • To promote technology and process outsourcing for SMEs, which provide Micro-banking, and Micro-insurance services.
  • To promote open-source software solutions
  • To promote technology projects, which help generate energy through alternate sources


June 2011 To Dec 2016

"Octopus was implemented in our organization in 2009. We are the first users, who availed direct assistance from the parent team at Bishkek for implementation, as a paid service. A consultant of ODED, was involved in the process of implementation and successfully brought the project to completion. The assistance from folks at ODED is highly appreciated as we were successful over the past two year to upgrade the software, whenever required after testing. We have been able to implement all the available features in Octopus 2.8.1 in 2009. Post the initial implementation, we have migrated to the best suitable versions during 2009-2011. Customizing existing reports, creation of new reports, solving issues with bugs in the software are some of the services ODED consultant was in-charge. These services are well appreciated by us. In the next few months we are looking forward for more services such as including 'realtime liquidity analysis report' and 'book-keeping module' in Octopus by Dec, 2011 with assistance from Octopus authorized consultant in India"

- MD Jose | Director MCDF

"ODED Transformational Technologies offer a wide rage of services in the Open-source domain. Their expertise in consulting services have been useful for me while implementing Octopus (A software to manage End-to-End transactions in Micro finance) for an NGO, with operations across 6 states in India and Moodle (A Learning Management Software) for Capstone University, USA. Staying focused and bringing assigned tasks to completion are basic to ODED consultants"

- Willi Brammertz | President Capstone University, USA & Founder Brammertz Consulting, Switzerland.

"The software is a very comprehensive solution. Before finalising on Octopus we had evaluated 6-7 software’s, both open source and off the shelf. Of these we found Octopus the most comprehensive in-spite of being open source. The range of features offered is impressive. Also, as we have a very experienced IT team with extensive experience (10+) of working on large software’s, due to this we were able to do an in-depth analysis of the software and found it very good. Services of ODED have been very good. Though it only a couple of months since we bought the software, we are very impressed by the after sales services as the responses are prompt and solution are provided at the earliest. Not only have ODED helped us in training and implementation but also introduced us to other very useful and effective open source software’s. In fact we are in talks with ODED to procure another software through them."

- Sameer Siddiqui | AVP - Credit Operations

" This is in support of ODED Tech group who had done a fine job in planning, implementing and taking corrective actions to finish our CapStone Online University on time. Above, all they have very cost effective for us as we had limited budget and needed a quick turnaround time. The personal at ODED have gone the extra mile to do what is necessary until we at CapStone are fully satisfied. I highly recommend the ODED Tech group to you as they are highly skilled and competent in what they do. "

- Solomon N. Darwin | Director, Hass School Of Business, UC Berkeley.

" Octopus Microfinance suite is a good MIS solution. We at BWDC ( Bharati Womens Development Center) were able to successfully transition our MIS from a previously existing software to Octopus, with assistance from their team in South Asia (ODED). After successful transition into Octopus in our 6 branches with legacy and current data, we are now implementing remote consolidation services this year. We appreciate ODED's support towards Octopus and its partners in South Asia. "

- Nagarajan, CEO BWDC

" We are one of the early user of Octopus in the country. Octopus is an extensively loaded tool, for managing financial services. A recent training program conducted by Octopus authorized consultants in our organization have exposed us to the full-fledged features of Octopus. This is an amazing tool, which allows users to customize their own reports as-well. We will be working towards, implementation of 'Consolidation services' to manage remote back-ups and integration to Handheld devices to Octopus in future. Octopus is a great solution offered at a very affordable cost. "

- Ananta Ramchiary | Director Oraitha Human Services Organisation.

Private Label Contract Manufacturing Home The Effervescent Source About Tower Labs Contact Us
Private Label Contract Manufacturing Home The Effervescent Source About Tower Labs Contact Us
Private Label Contract Manufacturing Home The Effervescent Source About Tower Labs Contact Us

ODED Transformational Technologies will develop a transformation model for your business operations to turnaround, which includes:

  • Strategic planning
  • Process re-engineering
  • Tactical plan implementation of low-cost high-value technology solutions
  • Performance and cost metric measurement

Your company will benefit in the achievement of the following:

  • Unprecedented advantages and the elevation of operations to a level of excellence
  • The development of a new cultural and technical environment
  • The positioning of your business as an industry leader

We are an extension of your business working to bring transformational technology solutions to fit your business needs. Our proven successes result from:

  1. Our commitment to work closely with our clients to carefully and properly assess challenges and deficiencies
  2. Implement our experience and expertise in effective working processes to reach operational excellence
  3. Applying a hands-on approach to bring guaranteed results and meeting the challenging expectations your business faces in today's economy!
Private Label Contract Manufacturing Home The Effervescent Source About Tower Labs Contact Us

Open Source Softwares – Implementation, Training & Custom Development

  • Octopus Micro-finance Suite - A software to manage Micro-banking transactions such as Customer management, Product management, Accounts & Financial Reporting.
  • OrangeHRM- A software to manage HR functionalities such as Leaves, Employee self-service, Time management.
  • Moodle – A software to manage E-Learning and E-training in capacity building organizations, large universities and schools.

Core-banking Solutions – Implementation, Set-up, Support and Consulting

  • ODED is connected to many solution providers in Micro-banking space
  • Avail a no obligation demo of core-banking softwares

Private Label Contract Manufacturing Home The Effervescent Source About Tower Labs Contact Us
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Private Label Contract Manufacturing Home The Effervescent Source About Tower Labs Contact Us

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