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Translating lifecycles of Fixed Income security and other complex financial instruments into manoeuvrable self-executable code


Partnering with FINTECH start-ups to leverage their ideas from commencement to implementation stage at economical costs

Application Development

Software expertise in Financial Technology & Regtech applications, Risk Management solutions, Algorithms for Financial Instruments, OPEN source Technology for Microfinance applications, API development & Infrastructure for financial firms

Business process outsourcing

ODED consultants have achieved 99% success rate for its clients in marketing campaigns, Business processes, Work flow & IT support.


Our product development strategies are aimed to make our FinTech customers succeed

Open control

Our products are designed with open control & flexibility ensuring customer development needs are achieved by utilising 100% of our resource whilst cutting potential escalating costs.

Software development partnering

Working and building Financial technology with our partners is a model that we take pride at, our tech speciality allows understanding relentless development needs fintech companies face.

No restrictions

Choose our product that fits your time scale & develop your solution with no restriction on technology.

Agile process

Our product models allow launching superior technology solutions in a short space of time with agile project management techniques.


Starts with just USD 60 K

Duration - 9 Months


Starts with just USD 100 K

Duration - 15 Months


Starts with just USD 150 K

Duration - 24 Months

Omega continuum

Starts with just USD 200 K

Duration - 24 Months

Partnership & 1 year Support



Birth of ODED

ODED was incorporated in 2010 with a vision to participate in multi-national technology initiatives in the Fintech area.

Value added reseller for financial transaction management software

ODED was the first reseller of Octopus (Financial transaction management software) that identified a client for implementation of Octopus. ODED marketing campaign Opened markets for Octopus in Sri lanka, Bangladesh and Pakistan. Completed 5 implementations of Octopus within a short span of 12 months.


OCTOPUS was Declared no longer an Opensource software

Implemented Octopus for an off-shoot company of Aditya Birla Group (A large multi brand company in India ). Octopus was declared 'no longer Open Source'. Lost Aditya Birla deal to a competitor. A big loss and that gave way to big learnings. Lost 2 more Octopus contracts in south Asia as Octopus was declared not Open Source. ODED forked last Open source version of Octopus along with OpenCBS team to re-establish Octopus Open Source community. Same that ensured business continuity for clients using Octopus Open Source.


Birth of OpenCBS and ODED Partnership program

OpenCBS was incorporated in Hong Kong. OpenCBS is aimed to provide continuity for the users of Octopus (Open Source software). ODED participated in OpenCBS shareholder offer to ensure stability to the Opensource product governance. Migrated clients in the region using Octopus to OpenCBS. This was a giant leap for ODED as clients using Octopus platform were guaranteed professional support agreements. Then again, during the same period Microfinance industry in india underwent a difficult time. Even during this period ODED identified 2 new start-ups and implemented OpenCBS within the region.

ODED Identified the need to diversify

Started custom software development vertical. Contact with Willi Brammertz, lead author of UFA.


OPENCBS implementation success

ODED was awarded OpenCBS reseller agreement. Within the same year ODED consultants completed 5 implementations of OpenCBS within the region.

participatory development program with industry leaders in fintech

ODED Prototype was approved by Lead authors of UFA. Prototype of UFA (Later ACTUS) was presented to ZHAW (Switzerland) and Stevens institute of technology (US) risk and finance labs. ODED was awarded 1st phase of development contract with ACTUS. Thanks to the prototype and trust of stakeholders. ACTUS was graduated to a participatory development project between Deloitte, Risk and finance lab at Steven Institute of technology, University of Winterthur & Brammertz consulting.

Ariadne Risk Management software Initiative

Ariadne Software was incorporated. ODED provided human resources to Ariadne from within the custom software development team. Released Ariadne prototype version. Building consistent Dynamic stress testing models was possible within Ariadne.


Actus software development outsource to oded

ACTUS recieved innovative capital to collaborate between universities and industry leaders to create a world financial algorithmic standard. Phase I of software development of ACTUS was outsourced to ODED. ACTUS evangelists then presented the progress at various multi-national forums where-in European Central Bank, Bank of England and other industry leaders would participate. Post this success Phase II of development of ACTUS was further outsourced to ODED.


ODED, ACTUS & Ariadne collaboration

ODED was awarded 3rd phase of development contract with ACTUS. ACTUS became the core engine of Ariadne Software. This was also a proof of integration concept for use case of ACTUS. Ariadne software was enhanced with a state of the art simple GUI design. Phase III of development of ACTUS was outsourced to ODED. Static stress testing was possible within Ariadne.


ODED presence in Europe

ODED was incorporated in London to further the goal towards Fintech and multi-national partnerships. ODED's partnerships extended to 3 continents and 6 countries.

ACTUS qualified as a ISO RMG 20022 Standard

ACTUS research foundation was established in the US. ACTUS was awarded ISO RMG 20022. This was a major success for the ACTUS initiative as a whole.


Birth of Nedzen Payroll

Nedzen a start up company in the US evaluated and qualified ODED as a custom development partner.

ACTUS commercial support partner

Ariadne required qualified consultants, who could manage professional software support services for ACTUS opensource library. Ariadne identified ODED as an infrastructure and support partner

Ariadne software reseller

ODED was identified as a sales partner qualified to spearhead sales campaigns for Ariadne risk management platform.

ODED - A Fintech incubator

Proven success in innovation partnerships within the Fintech and RegTech space made-way for ODED to bring forth a new product line. This product line should be a bargain deal for Fintech startups to co-create new age ideas



" Speed and quality of software integration is astonishing. What distinguishes ODED from other Fintech software providers out there is that they have knowledge of finance along with technology "

Willi Brammertz - Founder | Ariadne Business Analytics, Switzerland
A well know economist. Father of few widely known risk analytics softwares. Lead author of UFA.


" ODED shared our vision and offered a lean organisation structure"

Nils Bundi - Lead Architect | ACTUS Financial Research Foundation, USA
Nils A. Bundi in his role as a research associate at Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW) has contributed to a wide range of projects in both the financial industry and academia over the past five years.


" The software grows as our organisation grows "

Sudhakar R - CEO | CCFID, India
CCFID is financial services company with more than 135K loan clients within a 4 year horizon.


" ODED is our trusted software vendor "

Alexis Lebel - Founder & CEO | OpenCBS, Hong Kong
15 years in the financial services industry and IT services including starting a Greenfield MFI in Afghanistan. Consultant for Banks and MFIs


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